I am an experienced technology lawyer with a couple of engineering degrees, and I have lived and worked on the East and West coasts of the U.S., Asia and the Middle East. Most of my career has been spent in an in-house capacity, so I have a strong inclination towards pragmatic solutions to difficult problems.

I can be contacted at

For arbitration of matters in dispute up to 1 BTC, I charge 10 % of the amount of the transaction in dispute; for matters over 1 BTC; I charge 5% o…

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17 years of experience in small claims arbitration for the Utah State Courts ( Bitcoin Arbitration is an experiment for me, but as a long-time bitcoin owner and believer in the currency’s future, I am happy to offer arbitration for Bitrated.

I will use the legal jurisdiction I am most familiar with, which is Utah State law.

Fee structure varies on a case-by-case basis, with a maximum fee of 0.2 BTC.

Feel free to e-mail me at jqreinhold@g…

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My name is Manuel Araoz, I’m the developer of I’ve also worked as a freelance programmer for the past year, and I was involved in many bitcoin related projects (web applications, videogames, gambling, mobile). I’ve recently contributed to the open source colored coins project (bitcoinx/ngcccbase) and plan on contributing to the bitstorage project.

You can check my reddit profile: and my coind profile:

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The African Bitcoin Foundation arbitration service. Contact points: Skype:Dave,McG Office:+27218136120 Email:

Terms of service: Fees: 0.2% or 0.05 btc which ever is greatest, variable basedon transaction. Response time varies depending on means of contact, usually instant via Skype, under an hour by email. Arbitration agreements will be entered into via VoIP or email. Payment is 25% upfront remainder after transaction. All terms are agreed upo…

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We will try to contact both parties to gather information and evidence, and do my best to make rightful judgement. Evidence may be submitted to us on or in a private message to or in any agreed way.

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Jonathan J. Klinger, Adv.

Israeli Certified Attorney and Master of Law (LL.M).

Jonathan J. Klinger, Adv.

With experience in alternative dispute resolution, privacy, copyright, slander and crypto-currencies. I serve as a legal counsel (pro-bono) for the Israeli Bitcoin Association, the Israeli Open Source Society (Hamakor), The Israeli Digital Rights Movement and oth…

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Case Arbitration

The Case arbitration team will evaluate your dispute fairly, professionally, and promptly. We have professional civil arbitration experience, which gives you the confidence that the outcome is equitable and consistent with law. Our technology experience empowers you to communicate with us securely and anonymously, and enables us to keep pace with cutting-edge technical disputes.

Our team-based approach provides balance, breadth of experience, and reliability that solo arb…

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Contact - Email or hangouts (text only).

/u/bearbin on reddit (slow response, not preferred for use with the service, just for contact).

Resolution Guidelines:

  • Evidence is needed. (e.g. pictures w/ proof that it’s you).
  • If anybody fails to respond, money goes to the other person after 2 weeks.
  • Additional terms available on request.


  • 0.7% Min 0.003 Max 0.15
  • Payment in advance.
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Hi there!

I have the best ratings on and am active in the bitcoin community. I have thousands of transactions of experience dealing with both slimeballs and honest people so I will be able to see through any BS.

Fees: 0.1% standard 1% If arbitration is needed If the case is particularly messy, I will contract a legal professional who will be paid by the party(s) at fault.

Time: Please allow 24 hours responses If one party is unresponsive for a period of 7 consecutive day…

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Name: Sara Palomo Torrero

Location: Malaga, Spain

Timezone: Europe/Madrid



I work as a lawyer in Spain. I have extensive experience in mediations between parties and I’m just going to intervene in transactions between European citizens. I speak English and Spanish.

During arbitration, I will attempt to contact both parties to gather information and evidence, and do my best to make a correct judgement. Evidence will be collected via em…

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Name: Samuel Patterson


Location: Washington, DC

Bio: I’m a policy analyst and research fellow for a libertarian non-profit in Washington DC. I’ve written a short book on Bitcoin, which is the most successful book on the subject of Bitcoin currently on Amazon. I’m currently writing another book about the role that so-called “gray markets” play in the US economy, and I strongly support private market solutions such …

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zeev kirsh

I am an attorney barred in new york city, attended columbia law and graduated in 07’ with a background in finance, financial law, bankruptcy law, and bullshit detection. I work at a large New York Firm.

I have a deep interest in distributed systems, as well as arbitration and FAST dispute resolution. I find lawyers are too expensive and find courts are far too expensive venues for resolution of most financial disputes faced by many people. I want to help. I charge NO fee for co…

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No fee if no arbitration is required.
0.1% of the total value transacted charged in the event that arbitration is needed.

Terms should be clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties first.
The best work-flow would be:

  1. Email me the desired terms with the other party CCed.
  2. The second party responds with “I accept” or amended terms.
  3. Back and forth until I have a clear “I accept” from both parties.
  4. Start the transaction on …
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I am a California-licensed attorney in southern California.

My fee is 1%, with a minimum fee of 50 mBTC (0.05 BTC).

Contact: Eric J Lindgren Daytime phone: (805) 654-0200

I conduct dispute resolution much like a court would. The party alleging fraud (“First Party”) or non-payment will first present his or her case in writing, along with any documentary evidence. The party accused of fraud or non-payment (“Second Party”) will then have a 15-day opportunity to respond….

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I offer cheap and more importantly fair arbitrage. I have an account on LocalBitcoins with the same account name as here:

Fees 0.1%

If you would like to email me you can contact me at This account is linked with my smartphone and checks for updates every 15 minutes. I am always available to chat if you have any questions.

For resolving disputes in the case of an unresponsive party they have 5 business…

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