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yerofeyev46 reviewed nadav

Nadav created a wonderful WoT platform that is a little bit ahead of its time.

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nadav reviewed OgNasty

This account is impersonating a well-known BitcoinTalk account under the same name.

The authentic account is here:;u=18321

This profile is linked to a similarly-named, but fresh new BitcoinTalk account under the name “OgNastyOgEscrow”:;u=1437025

The “OgNastyOgEscrow” BitcoinTalk account is completely inactive and obviously faked for the purpose of making this account look more authentic.

The linked Reddit account “OgNastyOgEscrow” is similarly inactive and used for a similar purpose.

Finally, as evident in a (now deleted) thread from /r/Jobs4Bitcoins, this account was paying others to review him favorably.

Specifically, we can see that the Reddit user OgNastyOgEscrow linked to this bitrated profile made the following comment: “Extra $1 to be awarded to user by the name of slothbrothel! Congratulations! Good luck on the next one!”

Thus, confirming that he paid money to slothbrothel.

The slothbrothel user indeed vouched for this account, on the same day the comments on Reddit were made.

Based on this evidence, we have decided to terminate access to this account, effective immediately. Appeals may be made at

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nadav vouched for bejavu

I’ve known Tal for several years and had the pleasure of working with him. He’s a great, stand up, trustworthy guy.

opticbit311 vouched for nadav

Site works great, and an excellent contribution to the Bitcoin community.

collincrypto409 vouched for nadav

I’ve been a top trust-agent and Bitrated user for over two years now and am a big fan of the site. Nadav has personally responded very quickly to any support emails I have sent, and Bitrated is a great service he provides to the community.

nadav linked an external account

nadav linked an external account

Nexus14Sn37 vouched for nadav


jonny6 reviewed nadav

Great to meet you in Israel

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jonny6 reviewed nadav

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

inaltoasinistra8 reviewed nadav

Thanks for helping me with my 2fa password Nadav!

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ImNotThatBob36 vouched for nadav

Personally goes above and beyond! Congratulations on Bitrated. Amazing project!

odotan125 vouched for nadav

Totally the best guy ever. Bitcoin pioneer. Congratulations on this amazing project!