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Protect yourself against online fraud with multi-signature transactions.

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Protect yourself against online fraud.

The permanent nature of Bitcoin transactions makes it unfavorable for the consumer, who might have no recourse in case of fraud.

With arbitration, you can ensure that a trusted third party can reverse the payment in case of fraud and help you resolve possible disputes with the merchant. This allows to transact more safely, especially if you're dealing with a new or unknown merchant.


Give your customers peace of mind.

Allow your customers to transact safely with you, knowing that they have a recourse in case of a dispute.

Arbitration services have been known for being favorable to the consumer on the expense of the merchant. With an open marketplace and a selection of arbitrators, you can ensure that the arbitrator has a fair dispute resolution process and reputable history.


Provide dispute resolution services for a fee.

Escrow services have traditionally been highly regulated and associated with high costs, which crippled innovation and prevented small players from entering into the market.

Bitcoin's technology allows anyone to offer dispute resolution services in a way that was never possible before and does not require an escrow. Help people solve disputes, build a reputation and earn fees.

  • Uses Bitcoin's multi-signature transactions

    Bitrated uses multi-signature transaction to facilitate the arbitration process. Learn more...

  • Private keys are never handled by the server

    Keys are created and processed in your browser, using client-side technology. See our security policy for more information.

  • Arbitrator is not required for releasing the funds

    If the transaction ends well, the parties can release the funds without any intervention from the arbitrator.

  • The arbitrator never has full control over the funds

    The arbitrator can only move the funds with the permission of either the buyer or the seller, and cannot control them in any way without their approval.