Bitrated is the trust platform for the cryptocurrency economy. We provide fraud prevention and consumer protection mechanisms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, based on our unique identity & reputation management system and by utilizing the Blockchain technology to allow for payment reversibility and smart arbitration contracts.

Launched in 2013, Bitrated was the first multi-signature application ever released to the public. Bitrated is operated from Israel and was founded by Nadav Ivgi, a software developer and a long time Bitcoin enthusiast.

The Product

The Mission

Bitcoin has long been criticized for its lack of regulatory bodies that can govern transactions and protect consumers against fraud. And indeed, Bitcoin payments are normally final and irreversible, with almost no recourse for consumers in case of fraud. This, in addition to the semi-anonymity provided by Bitcoin, leads to a growing problem of fraud with thousands of reported fraud cases in the various Bitcoin communities.

We believe that this is one of the key factors standing in the way of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from reaching mainstream adoption, and that the cryptocurrency ecosystem must evolve to provide consumers with alternative solutions.

Fortunately, these issues are not inherent to decentralized cryptocurrencies. In fact, the smart contracts capabilities enabled by the blockchain technology, in combination with a smart reputation management system, can not only resolve these issues and protect consumers against fraud – but also greatly improve upon the solutions available today in the traditional financial system.

And so we made it our mission to provide the cryptocurrency ecosystem with tools to resolve those issues, build consumer confidence and help push Bitcoin towards mainstream adoption.

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