ripper234288 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I have worked with Meni on Bitcoin projects since 2011, we’ve done multiple business transactions, and he has never failed me. I would trust him with my private keys.

arielh170 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

In Meni we trust

oferrotem155 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

Meni is a great guy, probably the most active the in Bitcoin community, very reputable. He’s an easy vouch :-)

Bit2c137 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

We can vouch for Meni.

edd128 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I met Meni at the 2012 San Jose BTC conference.

odotan126 vouched for MeniRosenfeld


vorandrew119 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

Heavily invested in bitcoin since the very beginning

jespow118 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

100% trustworthy, oldschool bitcoiner, badass contributor.

Guru117 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I can leave my bitcoin private keys on his desk and still use them, my bits won’t go anywhere!

yregev117 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I vouch for Meni!

Dor73 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

Probably the most trustworthy person in Israel

ohad71 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I trust Meni

elichai266 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

In Meni we Trust!

david65 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I met Meni many times in person at Bitcoin events that he organized. I would trust him my house keys.

theglider13 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

I trust Meni

BitsOfGold13 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

Meni is one of our leading advisor, and is the most trustworthy individual we know in the Bitcoin world.

KotelKanim6 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

The M is for the Man

AFF0 vouched for MeniRosenfeld

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I vouch for MeniRosenfeld and so can you

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