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Very trusted user, president of the Bitcoin Foundation italian chapter and moderator of the bitcointalk italian subforum

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Long time trusted member of the bitcoin community, president of bitcoin foundation Italy

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in my opinion the most trusted person in the italian bitcoin community.

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I know very well this guy, he is involved in btc since 2010. I escrowed him many times, excellent transactions trust me

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trusted person, and bitcoin evangelist, off course

shapetwist39 vouched for HostFat

I can blindly trust.

Alchimista31 vouched for HostFat

I know him in person. Definitely trustworthy.

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The most trusted person in Italy.

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A very trust person and staff of bitcointalk, always avaible to help others.

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Hi hostfat please to refund my unsuccesfull transaction,because nanobuyer not sent the xrb coin to my account.

he dispute the transaction because i think he dont know how to use bitrated. https://www.bitrated.com/trade/n0d63BmzMmSj7gwZAqr7

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Plz dispute trade bitween me nd btc-paypal nd give him his money

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