bertani111 vouched for HostFat

Very trusted user, president of the Bitcoin Foundation italian chapter and moderator of the bitcointalk italian subforum

ghibly7978 vouched for HostFat

Long time trusted member of the bitcoin community, president of bitcoin foundation Italy

Anonymous3959 vouched for HostFat

in my opinion the most trusted person in the italian bitcoin community.

ParmaBit45 vouched for HostFat

I know very well this guy, he is involved in btc since 2010. I escrowed him many times, excellent transactions trust me

BitcoinVeneto44 vouched for HostFat

trusted person, and bitcoin evangelist, off course

shapetwist39 vouched for HostFat

I can blindly trust.

Alchimista31 vouched for HostFat

I know him in person. Definitely trustworthy.

Stemby31 vouched for HostFat

The most trusted person in Italy.

alogan6 vouched for HostFat

A very trust person and staff of bitcointalk, always avaible to help others.

cobebe3 vouched for HostFat

Hi hostfat please to refund my unsuccesfull transaction,because nanobuyer not sent the xrb coin to my account.

he dispute the transaction because i think he dont know how to use bitrated. https://www.bitrated.com/trade/n0d63BmzMmSj7gwZAqr7

Sameer2 vouched for HostFat

Plz dispute trade bitween me nd btc-paypal nd give him his money

nanobuyer0 vouched for HostFat

Revinbeer254150 vouched for HostFat

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