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TheButterZone71 reviewed sgornick

BTC for my PP, thanks!

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opticbit304 reviewed sgornick

multiple trades on localbitcoins

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okohei2 reviewed sgornick

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Blazedout41965 reviewed sgornick

Currently late on a loan and not responding to me…

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sgornick vouched for godwin1991

Traded online, I sent first. Received payment from godwin1991 immediately after my bitcoin transaction hit the blockchain. Also, have met him in-person at a Bitcoin event.

sgornick reviewed cobIee

This is likely not Charles Lee’s account. His is

Hope nobody fell for it.

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DogeDigital17 vouched for sgornick

Have done several trades with Stephen. He has been very well spoken, consistent, and trustworthy through all interactions. Definitely a guy you can trust!

sgornick vouched for DogeDigital

Have transacted many times with DogeDigital. An asset to the Bitcoin community!

jespow114 vouched for sgornick

Trustworthy old schooler, early evangelist and wealth of knowledge.

sgornick vouched for stevenmichaels

Steven Michaels is a huge asset for Bitcoin and has helped it gain traction in the San Diego area. I’ve met Steven in person, have traded with him numerous times (both in-person and online), and have done transactions with Steven as the escrow/payment intermediary.

It was also nice to be able to communicate securely with Steven as he will provide a PGP key to allow encrypted communications.

stevenmichaels21 vouched for sgornick

I have conducted several trades with Stephen and he has always performed as agreed.

pinguino108 vouched for sgornick

One of my favorite bitcoin experts, and a super nice guy! vouching!

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sgornick vouched for pinguino

Pinguino organizes the Satoshi Square trading events in L.A. (I’ve attended a couple). She founded and writes on as well.

sgornick vouched for dooglus

Doogius’ contributions on the BitcoinTalk forum, StackExchange, etc. are invaluable. His Just-Dice was a fantastic Bitcoin dice game. Users were able to withdraw coins when it pivoted to being an alt-coin dice game.