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Integrity - full stop

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This user is a good friend of mine. We both subscribe to the principles of voluntaryism.

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Gino has always traded with integrity. Great trader.

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Steven is among the best in the business, trustworthy & very knowledgeable.

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Trade with TradeBitcoins as the trust agent and stevenmichaels as the buyer.

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Trade with MisterB as the seller and stevenmichaels as the buyer.

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I have had multiple, successful transactions with CosmosSurfer and he has performed as agreed, with integrity, every time.

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Steve is a trust-worthy individual who has single-handedly done more to perpetuate the growth of Bitcoin and evolve the local SD community more than most anyone. I have traded with him both in-person and online and everything has always proceeded without a hitch - a good portion of the aforementioned trading accompanied by great discourse about the Bitcoin/crypto climate in general and our respective opinions regarding the future of the space etc..I have absolutely no problem vouching for this man’s reputation and trustworthiness - we could use more Steve’s in the community at whole.

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Steven Michaels is a huge asset for Bitcoin and has helped it gain traction in the San Diego area. I’ve met Steven in person, have traded with him numerous times (both in-person and online), and have done transactions with Steven as the escrow/payment intermediary.

It was also nice to be able to communicate securely with Steven as he will provide a PGP key to allow encrypted communications.

stevenmichaels vouched for sgornick

I have conducted several trades with Stephen and he has always performed as agreed.

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