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inaltoasinistra8 reviewed nadav

Thanks for helping me with my 2fa password Nadav!

Trade with nadav as the buyer and inaltoasinistra as the seller.

ImNotThatBob36 vouched for nadav

Personally goes above and beyond! Congratulations on Bitrated. Amazing project!

odotan125 vouched for nadav

Totally the best guy ever. Bitcoin pioneer. Congratulations on this amazing project!

Ejp00187 vouched for nadav

Very good place.

KotelKanim6 vouched for nadav

Nadav,one of the up and coming forces in bitcoin-related dev,with the product you are now using as his latest work…..The future looks bright for this one

jonklinger138 vouched for nadav

You have to vouch for Nadav, well: he’s the founder of Bitrated.

kobigurk16 vouched for nadav

Well, he built this site, what’s more to say? :-)

aawilliams180 reviewed nadav

Trade with nadav as the seller and aawilliams as the buyer.

Gitai106 vouched for nadav

Totally worth my Trust (and yours).

ripper234288 vouched for nadav

Nadav is a very qualified and accomplished person and software developer & entrepreneur. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would betray someone’s trust by malice or mistake.

nadav vouched for ripper234

Trustworthy member of the Israeli Bitcoin community. I’ve known Ron for more than a year now, and met with him in-person on many occasions.

SamPatt160 reviewed nadav

Nadav helped me with a test transaction, thank you!

Trade with nadav as the seller and SamPatt as the buyer.

nadav reviewed arielh

Thanks for helping with the tests and for the feedback!

Trade with arielh as the buyer and nadav as the seller.

arielh169 reviewed nadav


Trade with nadav as the seller and arielh as the buyer.

alice16 reviewed nadav

Trade with nadav as the seller and alice as the trust agent.