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shiggidy2 reviewed gemorganization

Scam organization, stay away. They ask for contracts on mining coins in the future at an agreed upon price. They agreed upon selling me X amount of coins at Y price in the beginning. Well now the price of the coin has increased over 100% and difficulty to mine it has gone up 10x. They can’t deliver X amount of coins to me and they make up an excuse that they lost rigs in a power storm.

What is terrible here is that if the price had gone the other way and dropped below the agreed upon price, he would have come running to me to take delivery and pay the agreed upon price. It’s a more sophisticated scam, but basically you’re either going to have to overpay these guys for when the coin tanks or you will not get your agreed upon contracted coins if it goes in your favor. Basically you’re screwed either way. Stay away!

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Trade with gemorganization as the seller and collincrypto as the trust agent.

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Trade with collincrypto as the trust agent and gemorganization as the seller.

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Trade with dk17 as the buyer and gemorganization as the seller.

dk1710 reviewed gemorganization

GemOrganization is super Awesome.. GemOrganization honored the offer that we agreed to and made sure the deal is closed on time. Kept me up to date through out the process. will recommend more and will be glad to work with GemOrg again & again.

Trade with gemorganization as the seller and dk17 as the buyer.

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I can personally vouch very straight forward mining contracts and business and will be doing alot more business with Gem Organization.

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