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Reliable and Knowledgeable trader.

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Absolutely the most trusted trader I know!

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One of the oldest well known US traders on localbitcoins, and an awesome community member on the forums. Have no hesitation in recommending

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I have been doing business with Scott for years and trust him completely. Last year when I had surgery I gave him the first half of my private key just in case anything happened to me.

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Trustworthy and highly recommended.

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ScottEmick is a honest helpful trader.

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Honest trader. Has been trading on LBC for over two years + pro trader.

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Scott is a very trustworthy trader on localbitcoins

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Very nice trader, trades on many sites, super detailed

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Awesome cash by mail trade, trustworthy.

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Hi Scott, i couldn’t reach you via email. Please respond to the dispute I opened three weeks ago!

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Very trust worthy trader.

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Hi Scott, i couldn’t reach you via email. Please respond to the dispute I opened three days ago!

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