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oferrotem vouched for Yona

Yona is doing a lot for the Bitcoin community. I vouch for him.

Yona62 vouched for oferrotem

i vouch

Yona62 reviewed oferrotem


This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

Bit2c136 vouched for oferrotem

We can vouch for Ofer.

oferrotem vouched for Dor

Dor is a very creative person and a great guy.

MeniRosenfeld165 vouched for oferrotem

One of the good guys.

oferrotem vouched for Guru

I vouch for Shalom

Dor73 vouched for oferrotem

I trust Ofer!

Guru117 reviewed oferrotem

Great guy, real life experience.

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Guru117 vouched for oferrotem

Great guy to do business with…

oferrotem vouched for MeniRosenfeld

Meni is a great guy, probably the most active the in Bitcoin community, very reputable. He’s an easy vouch :-)

oferrotem vouched for Bit2c

Great company!

ohad71 vouched for oferrotem

very trustworthy and recommended

oferrotem vouched for ohad

Ohad is very logical and trustworthy.

oferrotem vouched for eli

Eli is a great guy! Very active in the Bitcoin community.