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chongsetdmt-5 vouched for minerjones

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krogoth0 reviewed minerjones

Have bought and also used Minerjones for escrow. The best in what he does in BTC!

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

minerjones vouched for CryptoWize3

Did a large trade with CryptoWize3. They shipped quickly and their professional manner allowed for a smooth transaction. Would recommend. Thanks

DogeDigital10 vouched for minerjones

Have traded quite a few times with MinerJones. Always courteous and professional.

minerjones reviewed Blazedout419

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

minerjones vouched for nathansenn

They are a trusted trader. Would not hesitate to do business with.

minerjones reviewed nathansenn

Many trades/sales have gone smoothly the past year.

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

minerjones vouched for Cryptoheadd

Have traded with numerous times this past year. Many sales and trades have completed successfully. Would recommend.

minerjones vouched for Lutpin

Have done many trades recently. Always smooth and payments done with no escrow.

minerjones vouched for BG4

Over the past months, have traded and done business with BG4 many times. Always a pleasure to deal with. Never a problem. Payments have always been direct, with no escrow.

BG423 vouched for minerjones

Many Trades with MinerJones with out escrow..

Lutpin20 vouched for minerjones

Traded with minerjones several times, they also reshipped stuff for me interenationally and we had a few fiat to btc exchanges. Everything goes smoothly and professionally when dealing with MJ.

minerjones reviewed Mitchell

Provided easy escrow at a reasonable rate!! :D

Trade with Mitchell as the trust agent and minerjones as the seller.

minerjones reviewed takinbo

Was patient in waiting as there was a problem with the initial package. A good trade with a great person!! :D

Trade with takinbo as the buyer and minerjones as the seller.

takinbo146 reviewed minerjones

Awesome customer experience. The items I bought got stuck in the postal system and minerjones sent another without extra charge!

Trade with minerjones as the seller and takinbo as the buyer.