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hashwell3 vouched for jadefalke

Nice guy, big volumes without any problems.

jadefalke vouched for hashwell

Trustfull Person from the Mining Community, Good Seller!

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Always smooth Trades with Kushed!

jadefalke vouched for Hui98

Trusted Trader!

Hui981 vouched for jadefalke

trusted trader

jadefalke vouched for Boobgrabber

best Deal ever, 100% trusted!

Boobgrabber3 vouched for jadefalke

Tremendous guy, extremly trustworthy!

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Trusted Seller/Buyer, Recommended!

blizzen4 vouched for jadefalke

The hidden bigwhale ;)

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easy to do business with, always a good choice!

goto20131 vouched for jadefalke

have done multiple trades, everything works fine!

very good trader!

fydel13 vouched for jadefalke

Trusted seller!

jadefalke vouched for fydel

Strong Recommend always nice Deals with him.