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misterigl40 reviewed doubleo7

Doubleo77 and I did a successful trade, but bypassed bitrated due to no timely response from the trust agents. He communicated well and the trade went through without any problems. Would trade with him again.

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doubleo7 reviewed misterigl

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

doubleo7 vouched for misterigl

misterigl communicated well. I decided to trust him fully, bypass bitrated and send him my large ether stash. After the agreed amount of confirmations, he had sent me the corresponding bitcoins although the ether price has dropped. It seems that one still meets decent humans even at this advanced era of the internet/cryptocurrency. The email he used was a privacy aware one - but since I have noticed the well linked bitrated account I decided to take the risk. Looking back - maybe it wasn’t very smart from my side (this bitrated account could have been a compromised one), but the end result was good. I will be happy to do further business with you. On request (from misterigl), I will confirm the bitcoin address which sent me the payment, so he can sign with it to prove his identity.

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