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CryptoLawJunkie63 reviewed damoos3

An expert in the masternode space and extremely knowledgeable in the crypto space more generally, Damoos reflects great credit upon the community and I would work with him on a transaction without hesitation.

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Astronode24 vouched for damoos3

Da man, da legend, damoos3. Trustworthy and knowledgable

damoos3 vouched for cryptosandwich

cryptosandwhich aka sammich (to me) is an owner and operator of and, He is among the most pleasurable and honest person I have yet to deal with in 5+ years of being in crypto. His website/service nodeshare makes running masternodes a breeze and provides the industry standard for masternode statistics. Trustworthy rating 10/10

cryptosandwich34 reviewed damoos3

Among the most trustworthy people I know in crypto.

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damoos3 vouched for julian

julian is a helpful person he works for bittrex and always responds in a timely manner

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cryptoracer17 vouched for damoos3

damoos3 has been great in OTC deals with me via Telegram and via e-mail, both for btc and memetic/pepe related deals, in add’n to a few others. A+ would buy/sell again. Most dank to deal with.

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damoos3 vouched for cryptoracer

CryptoRacer is trustworthy, I have done OTC with him over telegram before and he is active member of the Pepecoin community :)

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