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DeepFakePorn is an adult tube website specializing in deepfake videos of Asian celebrities. The best k-pop idols will never “condescend” to appear in frank films. At the same time, Asian fans are much more enthusiastic than the fan base of most Hollywood stars. Naturally, the demand for porn with Japanese / Chinese / Korean idols is much higher.

Westernization of Asia has also taken place in the sexual sphere. However, there was a specificity here. Most local stars exploit the image of innocent schoolchildren, but at the same time, sexualization has gone there. Fake nudes on the participants of the endless bands like Nogizaka46 / IZONE / BLACKPINK lineups are always incredibly popular. Fortunately, the participants selected are for approximately the same type, and the editing of fake faces is quite simple.

Deepfakes are developing a lot thanks to the Asian market. In Japan, censorship laws are very strange by European standards. The age of consent in certain provinces has been reduced to thirteen years, but porn without “squares” it is prohibited at all, only sometimes they give uncensored options for export. There are fake options that no formal prohibitions apply to - because there are no real characters there.

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