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chongsetdmt-5 vouched for MorganRoolo

No matter what you are going through, I wish that all the bad things go away from you and happiness comes to you. Have a nice day dear! Thanks you for voted my site about DC fuse, DC SPD:

MorganRoolo vouched for r0b1nuk

Star trader and great character. Thanks for all your advice!

r0b1nuk81 vouched for MorganRoolo

top man in the btc world. loads of knowledge

MorganRoolo vouched for JaninaLowisz

Janina has great passion for cryptocurrencies, I am happy to vouch for her

JaninaLowisz28 reviewed MorganRoolo

happy to vouch for Morgan who is great to work with at Roolo!

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

MorganRoolo vouched for jhes

Jordan is an exceptional Engineer and will be world class at anything he sets himself.

jhes2 vouched for MorganRoolo

Morgan’s a seasoned Bitcoin man, has been through the ups and downs since 2012. You can put your trust / escrow with him.

edlondon27 vouched for MorganRoolo

Trustworthy and passionate about bitcoin. I’m very excited to be working with Morgan at

MorganRoolo vouched for edlondon

Pleasure to work with Ed on

anthonyc060356 vouched for MorganRoolo

Real pleasure to be working with Morgan. He has the entrepreneurial spirit and skills to back it up.

MorganRoolo vouched for anthonyc0603

Anthony has great vision and it’s a pleasure to work with him.

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