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ripper234288 vouched for Gitai

I’ve known Gitai for a while, and I recommend him as trustworthy.

Gitai vouched for david


Gitai vouched for Yona

I vouched for Yona (Any time)

Gitai vouched for bitembassy

The place to be.

Gitai vouched for nadav

Totally worth my Trust (and yours).

Gitai vouched for Bit2c

Familiar with the Service and the people behind it - I vouch for Bit2c

Gitai vouched for arielh

Highly Recommended.

Gitai vouched for ripper234

Know Ron for a while now, I Trust him.

Gitai vouched for oferrotem

Totally worth my trust.

oferrotem155 vouched for Gitai

I know Gitai personally; very trustworthy.

Yona63 reviewed Gitai

real standup guy, ambassador at the bitcoin embassy tel-aviv

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

Yona63 vouched for Gitai


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arielh170 vouched for Gitai

I work with Gitai at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv, as well as in the Israeli Bitcoin Association. Gitai is a great friend and colleague.

alice17 reviewed Gitai

Trade with Gitai as the buyer and alice as the trust agent.