adamalex0 vouched for numismatic

I have known Benjamin for almost 10 years and have found him to be professional, deliberative, and calm even in stressful situations when surrounding emotions are high. As a trust agent I am certain he will examine all sides of all disputes and will bring about equitable resolutions.

Fro0 vouched for numismatic

Numismatic is a fair and unbiased person. He has the ability to remove himself from a situation while analyzing it to reach a fair decision for both parties. He has my complete and total trust that he will perform in this position admirably.

Antares5100 vouched for numismatic

I have known this gentleman for over 25 years. He is a genuine person with high integrity. Driven individual with a wealth of knowledge.

tmdb19800 vouched for numismatic

I know Ben to be honest, trustworthy, educated, intelligent, and fully capable of performing arbitration.

cyates730 vouched for numismatic

I have known and worked side by side with Benjamin for many years. I trust him and will always have a partnership or position for him within any group or team I am a part of.

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