cass42 vouched for fav

I know Fav since 2 years now! A well trusted member and global moderator on bitsharestalk.org

anyx22 vouched for fav

Fav is a trusted member of the Steemit community as well. :)

DataSecurityN15 vouched for fav

Already well trusted in the BitShares community.

CLains7 vouched for fav

Fav is a trusted member of the BitShares community.

kenCode7 vouched for fav

fav is amazing, a true asset to the world of cryptocurrencies. knowledgeable, does amazing due diligence, and is well networked with people from many different crypto projects. 5-stars!

Riverhead6 vouched for fav

A trusted member of the Bitshares community for years. Moderates the bitsharestalk.org forum as well as participates in marketing activities. Operated a successful escrow service during the ProtoShares era.

benjojo4 vouched for fav

Fav has earned my trust via the Bitshares community

chongsetdmt-5 vouched for fav

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