edd128 vouched for cherapple

Cheryl is a moving force behind the Let’s Talk Bitcoin platform.

GregoryGR98 vouched for cherapple

Longstanding respected member of the bitcoin community

ChrisDosch94 vouched for cherapple

Cheryl has been one of the most active members of the Capital Region Bitcoin Meetup since it’s beginning and it has been great getting to know her. I really enjoy reading her articles on cointelegraph; she’s a fantastic writer. Her editing expertise has have come in very handy on numerous occasions. Overall, Cheryl is a very easy person to vouch for.

Emilio50 vouched for cherapple

Cheryl is very active in the Bitcoin community and is constantly pushing the envelope with her journalism. It has been a pleasure to read her stories and learn about different start-ups in the space. Look forward to many more!

AdamTerwilliger7 vouched for cherapple

Cheryl is a phenomenal writer and an extremely talented editor. I am very lucky to have worked with her on two Let’s Talk Bitcoin pieces!