orcatrust0 vouched for alphabet

vouching highly for this guy from Dread! Thanks!

JuadsSQ0 vouched for alphabet

Vouching for alpha for his wonderful service! A friend of a friend referred him to me couple of months ago and at finally I get to use this platform and his service. Great deal, good arbitration services! thanks again, highly recommended.

blanketscay0 vouched for alphabet

Highly trustworthy. I have known this guy more than 6 years, way back from AB days down to Torum era. and have learned much from him and enjoy every interaction we share. He is a valuable resource to the crypto-sec community, - so I have made him an admin the masternode investment telegram.

goldbuster0 vouched for alphabet

EU-protrader group member, professional trade provider & trustworthy, trusted member of the blackhat dot org community for years. Moderates the alphabay forum as well as participates in marketing activities on real AB market, operated a successful escrow service during the ProtoShares era.

spider0 vouched for alphabet

Great guy surely no doubt you were highly recommended! Thanks bro!

becreativeinc0 vouched for alphabet

I signed up and was brought here by a friend (EU) for a service we needed to purchase from the dark side of the internet. I was hoping you could assist in this large scale buying as it will intent to happen more than thrice due to the fact that it was bigger than the noticeable minimum. I sent you a message via Telegram hoping we could get a response very soon to set things up with my team and the Seller. Hope to hear from you soon!

madhate0 vouched for alphabet

Thanks!til next transaction!

s0ulZurf0 vouched for alphabet

..highly recommended trust agent, affable and always reliable to get in touch with, available anytime! I never had any dispute whatsoever in my trade, but i’m pretty sure I will definitely use him again!

359023x20 vouched for alphabet

Hi alphabeta, I need your arbitration svcs but can we simply do it this way, like you create a separate wallet (non bitrated) that is multi signature, one key to you, one for me and one for the seller? Do you think this is something you can do? Lmk. (I sent you msg ) tnx

somerandom0 vouched for alphabet

Highly recommended mediation services! I can vouch for this guy many times over! kudos!

aspire0 vouched for alphabet

I am most greatful to make to vouch for this brother in here, Alpha, you’re the man! My first ever trade on a clearnet escrow since none of this shitty deep web markets are working anymore and mostly screams-scams! Now I have a new wave of business in the making and will definitely make use of your service again! hands up to you my man!

Watanabe20 vouched for alphabet

just joined today for a bitcoin trade, and experience is admirable! thumbs up for this arbitrator! will definitely recommend your services! thank you!!!!! (sorry idk if this will post because i’ve been receiving 504 error after refresh)

theuser0 vouched for alphabet

Smooth experience and very knowledgeable at what he do.2nd time client.

darkova0 vouched for alphabet

honest and trusted detailed service. Hands on and careful. It is only essential that you increase your fee, I will no doubt use your mediation services again.

Candycrushking0 vouched for alphabet

Very professional, we had an good experiance. Confirmed the terms with both parties. Asked for regular updates and was easy to contact.