focusinasiacom0 vouched for TonySwish

“Herschel has made clear he will welcome the support from President Trump who’s supporting him. He said he would welcome the support of Ron DeSantis. He will welcome the support of anyone coming to campaign.”


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bitlawyer157 vouched for TonySwish

Great guy. Excellent promoter and marketer of blockchain tech. I’ve enjoyed everyone he’s done for Augur and look forward to future products he supports.

joshuad31156 vouched for TonySwish

The most honest person outside of the Dynamis team I have thus far met in the cryptocurrency community. Would trust him with my trades any day.

Mus1ngs0FAshib334 vouched for TonySwish

One of the best spokes people for Bitcoin and a great advocate for the usage of Blockchain Technology to decentralize everything. A trusted person by me.