TheMage82 vouched for defaced

defaced (Franko) is a great guy, known him for a few years and involved in many crypto projects. Creator of Franko also.

Reinhart24 vouched for defaced

Solid developer, and a solid guy in general. Smart dude.

collincrypto409 vouched for defaced

I haven’t had any personal dealings with Franko but I have heard nothing but good things from people I associate with, including some who have met him at events. A trustworthy developer —- vouched.

shavers20 vouched for defaced

Kind of dev (and person) i’d love to work with.

Criptonauta91 vouched for defaced

Chris is devoting himself to Franko and the coin is making great progress. He’s a trustful guy.

Medic0 vouched for defaced

Fantastic Dev…always willing to share his vast knowledge.

neleonele0 vouched for defaced

Nice and honest guy!More than good dev.

zlatko137 vouched for defaced

Amazing and trustworthy!

SpiryX130 vouched for defaced

He is the creator of Franko Currency (cryptocurrency) I met him by discovering his coin. He was very helpfully from start and now I am being part of his team. It’s a cool and trustfull guy.

JCarleski0 vouched for defaced

I met Franko at the 2014 Cryptolina convention in Durham, NC. He has a good grasp of the crypto space and the technical requirements to keep improving it.

dcgirl0 vouched for defaced

A solid, trustworthy dev, Franko is always innovating, experimenting and stretching the boundaries of crypto technology. He’s an asset to the entire cryptocurrency world.